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Our most popular docks.

Floating Docks

Durable and versatile. Great for dock systems of any shape or size.

Stationary Docks

Stable and lightweight. Perfect for water depths of up to 10 feet.

Rolling Docks

Rugged wheels for maximum portability. Ideal for smooth and sandy shorelines.

Jet Ski Lifts

No need for winching, cranking, pumping or hoisting with EZ Port.

Plastic EZ Docks

The most durable and versatile floating dock system available today.

Boat Lifts

EZ BoatPort is for many skiffs, runabouts, fishing boats, inflatables, sailboats, PWCs, kayaks and more.

Aluminum Dock Cleat
Aluminum Cleat
Black Aluminum Dock Cleat
EZ Dock 8″ Nylon Cleat
2pk Solar Dock Light (Round)
Drive Tool 15/16″ Socket Adapter for Coupler Nut
EZ Dock Pocket Filler
EZ Dock Pocket Filler
Adjustable Vertical Bumper
Adjustable Vertical Bumper
Solar Aluminum Dock Cleat
8″ Nylon Cleat w/ Solar Light

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“I made my own dock a couple of years ago. What a mess! With the new dock we bought from you, it not only looks great but we can add to it and modify it, which is the best part. I recommend FWM Docks to everyone I know. Your docks are top notch and buying your product is the right move if you care about your waterfront, boat and family.


Little Island Pond — Pelham, New Hampshire

“FWM Docks are great to deal with. The salesmen are very helpful in figuring out exactly what application works best in your environment. I was able to go right to the factory and pick up my dock with plenty of help and guidance. Now I have people rowing and boating up to the dock just to write down the manufacturer’s information — definitely a big hit on the lake.


Robin Hood Lake — Becket, Massachusetts

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