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Boat Lifts That Make Life EZ

Innovative Drive-On, Drive/Push-Off Design for Small to Midsize Watercraft

Dry docking your boat is easy as 1-2-3 with the EZ Dock’s collection of floating BoatPorts — simply drive on and drive it right back off. The classic EZ BoatPort is the perfect choice for small watercraft (up to 3,000 lbs.), including skiffs, runabouts, inflatables, PWCs, kayaks, and canoes. 

EZ BoatPort systems move with changing water levels

Eliminate the need for winching, cranking, pumping, or hoisting. Low angle access allows you to seamlessly push off and drive onto your floating dock, while the snap-in connections enable you to customize the dimensions or attach to any floating dock system.

Durable polyethylene construction

Reduce environmental impact and the need for antifouling paint reapplication — plus, it makes cleaning a cinch.

Find Your Ideal Boat Lift: Two Solutions, Maximum Adaptability

Discover the perfect fit for your boat with EZ Dock’s two versatile lift solutions. The EZ BoatPort offers simplicity and reliability. Its self-adjusting hull rollers and multiple tie-off points ensure a secure fit, easily integrating with your existing dock system or anchoring independently.

For maximum customization, choose the Optimus. Drive on and off effortlessly with its low-angle design, and tailor your setup with snap-in connections for custom dimensions and seamless attachment to any floating dock. Both models offer a range of optional add-ons and adjustments, allowing you to create the ideal boat lift solution for your specific needs.

What makes EZ Dock Boat Lifts better?

Effortless Maintenance

Easy access for cleaning, inspections, and repairs ensures your boat stays in top condition, saving you time and effort.

Reduced Anti-Fouling Costs

Minimize the need for frequent anti-foul paint application, extending your boat’s lifespan and saving you significant money.

Unmatched Versatility

Accommodates a wide range of boat sizes (up to 7,000 lbs) and both V-hull and stepped hull designs, ensuring the perfect fit.

Easy Entry & Exit

Both our Optimus and BoatPort feature user-friendly designs that make launching and boarding your boat safe and convenient.

Enhanced Boat Protection

Your boat is an investment – our boat lifts protect it from damaging waves, wakes, and marine growth, preserving its value for years to come.

Choose Your Perfect Boat Lift

The Optimus offers advanced features and customization for larger boats. The BoatPort provides a simple, stable solution for smaller craft like flat-bottom skiffs, fishing boats, and sailboats

Keeping your boat high and dry has never been so easy. EZ Dock commercial and residential floating boat lifts are a fast and simple solution if you need a low-maintenance, stable, durable, drive-on dock solution for boats up to 7,000 lbs. Removable, changeable bunks and adjustable rollers can accommodate hull shapes from flat bottoms to deep Vs, making this the perfect choice for a large variety of watercraft. Both the Standard EZ BoatPort and OPTIMUS line are available with side extensions for additional walk-around room and access to the sides of your boat for cleaning, maintenance, and covering.


Boatport Standard

Supports watercraft up to 2,000 lbs.

Dimensions: 80″ x 164″
Capacity: 2,000

Color: Beige / Gray


Boatport With Side Extention

Supports watercraft up to 3,000 lbs.

Dimensions: 10′ x 14′
Capacity: 3,000

Color: Beige / Gray


Boatport With Side Extentions

Supports watercraft up to 3,000 lbs.

Dimensions: 10′ x 19′
Capacity: 3,000

Color: Beige / Gray

Optimus BoatPort 16’

With a compact design and slim profile, these low-angle boat lifts can accommodate V-hull boats up to 5,500 lbs wet weight.

Dimensions: 10’ x 16’
Capacity: 5,500

Color: Beige / Gray

Optimus BoatPort 16’ with Side Extensions

Add more walking room with 12” x 14’ side extensions.

Dimensions: 12’ x 16’
Capacity: 5,500

Color: Beige / Gray

Optimus BoatPort 24’

Easily extend your 16’ BoatPort to accommodate V hull type boats up to 7,000 lbs wet weight.

Dimensions: 10’ x 24’
Capacity: 7,000

Color: Beige / Gray

Optimus BoatPort 24’ with Side Extensions

Create more access room with 12” x 24’ side extensions.

Dimensions: 12′ x 22’
Capacity: 7,000

Color: Beige / Gray

Optimus BoatPort 24’ Stepped Hull

Provide extra protection for boats up to 24’ long with the Stepped Hull EZ Slide.

Dimensions: 10’ x 24’
Capacity: 7,000

Color: Beige / Gray

Optimus BoatPort 24’ Stepped Hull with Side Extensions

Twelve-inch side extensions offer even more dock surface area for docking, boarding, and cleaning boats with stepped hulls.

Dimensions: 12’ x 24’
Capacity: 7,000

Color: Beige / Gray

Where Convenience Meets Protection

Image: College of Charleston Sailing school
Image: Residential dock with EZ Boatport and 2i ports
Image: Commercial Marina with EZ Boatport slip rentals
Image: Namequoit Sailing Association on Cape Cod
Image: Residential EZ Boatport and VXP on Highland Lake NH


See what our customers are saying.

“I love the dock. It looks nice and is comfortable, stable and virtually maintenance free. EZ Dock is just what the name implies — Easy.”


Snake Pond — Gardner, Massachusetts

“We did a lot of research on what docks work best in a high-traffic environment and EZ Dock kept coming up with great reviews. Once we received the dock we learned just how easy it is to work with and that the options really are endless. Since installing we have been getting great reviews and fewer first aid calls. Our last dock was big, clunky and not in the best of shape. This purchase was a big improvement for the town.”

Town of Sharon

Lake Massapoag — Sharon, Massachusetts

“My neighbor bought an EZ Dock a few years back. He loves his and now I love mine. It has been well worth the investment. You guys were great at helping us with the design and we couldn’t be happier with our purchase. Thanks again.”


Lake Ossipee — Freedom, New Hampshire

Dock Innovators Since 1975

For nearly 50 years, family-owned FWM Inc. has been developing and fabricating cutting-edge aluminum solutions for a range of applications. Today, we are a nationally recognized producer of modular aluminum and plastic dock solutions, and the Northeast’s premier distributor of the all-season, polyethylene EZ Dock system.

Our industry-leading Aluminum Floating Docks are easy to install, extraordinarily durable, and practically maintenance free. They feature a lightweight, modular frame design that makes it easy for you to create your own custom dock in any layout or configuration you choose. We are proud to offer our customers a full spectrum of options as we work with them to build the safe, beautiful, long-lasting dock system of their dreams.


Can I leave my EZ Dock in the water year round?

The short answer is yes. But it’s best to discuss your site with one of our dock specialists to be sure. We have been working with the EZ Dock product for over 10 years, and we have thousands of dock sections throughout the Northeast that remain in the water year-round. The product itself is safe in the ice, it is important to discuss any site-specific variables that could increase the risk of damage.

How much does EZ Dock cost?

EZ Dock is priced very competitively with other quality floating dock products, including wood, steel, aluminum and other plastic docks. Generally speaking, floating docks will cost about one-third more than quality aluminum stationary and rolling docks.

How does EZ Dock float? Is there a separate tank?

The entire dock section is a float. That is what makes the product so unique. EZ Dock uses a patented, two-stage flotation design. One, the entire dock section itself displaces water. Two, the bottom of the dock looks similar to an ice cube tray. The individual air chambers create air pockets that trap air under the dock. These individual chambers are constantly working to counteract weight on the dock’s walking surface to increase overall stability. The displacement and air chambers give EZ Dock an industry-leading flotation capacity of 62.5 lbs. per square foot.

We’ve Got You Covered

Our durable, long-lasting dock systems are designed to provide many, many years of dependable service and enjoyment with minimal maintenance. They are crafted from the highest-quality materials and components, and we proudly stand behind all of our products.