Waterfront Vacation Home Docks

Providing Freshwater and Saltwater Vacation Home Solutions

Preserving a second residence provides its own unique challenges. With many of the main deciding factors revolving around things like maintenance, ease of use, and durability.  With FWM Aluminum Docks stationary, rolling, and floating docks, as well as our EZ Dock Poly floating dock systems, many of these challenges are easily mitigated. We offer a full line of eco-friendly, fully customizable, and virtually maintenance-free, Stationary, Rolling, and Floating Modular Docks, Kayak Launches, and Low-Profile RowingDocks, to Drive on dock systems that allow you to dry dock smaller boats and personal watercraft completely out of the water, all while giving you longlasting peace of mind while you are away.

  • Stationary, Rolling, and Floating
  • Modular Design allows for limitless configuration
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Tons of Accessories
  • Add On Jet Ski, Boat Lifts, Kayak Launch
  • Easy to install & remove
  • Slip Resistant & Safe
  • Family Approved

Known for our knowledgeable and friendly customer service, FWM’s team is always happy to discuss your needs and offer solutions that meet them. Contact us today.

The Perfect Waterfront Solution for your Vacation Property

Aluminum Dock Waterfront Solutions

Upgrade your waterfront and invest in a dock product designed to last a lifetime. Choose from Stationary, Rolling, and Floating Docks. Easily customize your layout with our modular design sections. Choose the decking style and color that is right for your property. Lastly, add your accessories to complete the project and give your family the waterfront they have been dreaming of. 

Floating Docks

Residential Poly Dock Solutions

Low-maintenance, so you won’t waste summer hours replacing planks, repainting, or otherwise babysitting your dock. Since EZ Dock sections are not made from wood, they also won’t rot or leach paint into the water – which is safer for you and your guests, as well as for the marine life in your water.  

Find the Dock That’s Right For You