Aluminum Gangways and Ramps

Gangways and Polyramps

Connect Your Dock to Land with a Safe, Sturdy Gangway

Bridge the distance between dry land and your dock with one of our specially designed marine aluminum and polyethylene boat gangways. Ideal for residential or commercial, fresh or salt water settings, our gangways offer sturdy, non-slip access to your dock system, no matter the conditions. Our piano hinge connector system enables your gangway to easily adjust to fluctuating water levels.

Gangway sections come in a variety standard lengths and widths, with custom sizes also available. Our connection systems make it easy to attach gangways/ramps to your dock system and easy to attach and remove railings from the gangways themselves. FWM Docks gangways come in your choice of aluminum or ThruFlow decking.

Two Paths to the Dock of Your Dreams

Aluminum Gangways & Ramps

Walk to Your Dock, connect your dock to dry land with our safe, sturdy gangways.

EZ Dock Polyethylene Gangway to Abutment Kit w/Hinges

EZ Dock Poly Ramps

Walk to Your Dock, Connect your dock to dry land with our safe, sturdy ramps.

Dock Innovators Since 1975

For nearly 50 years, family-owned FWM Inc. has been developing and fabricating cutting-edge aluminum products for a range of applications. Today, we are a nationally recognized producer of modular aluminum and plastic dock solutions, and the Northeast’s premier distributor of the all-season, polyethylene EZ Dock system.

Our industry-leading Aluminum Roll-In Docks are easy to install, extraordinarily durable, and practically maintenance free. They feature a lightweight, modular frame design that makes it easy for you to create, install, and store your own custom dock configuration.

We are proud to offer our customers a full spectrum of options as we work with them to build the safe, beautiful, long-lasting dock system of their dreams.

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