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Ease of Use

5.5″ Low-profile design easy, sure-footed entry/exit

Incredible Stability

Two-stage flotation provides rock-solid platform


Built tough from poly & rubber for lasting, low-maintenance


Modular design allows for customization and expansion

The Ultimate Low-Profile Rowing Solution

Industry-Leading Low Freeboard

EZ Dock’s Low Profile Rowing Dock boasts the industry’s lowest freeboard at just 5.5 inches. Forget outrigger snags – experience seamless launching and docking. Get in the water faster and concentrate on your perfect stroke.

Two-Stage Flotation Design

EZ Dock’s Two-Stage Flotation Design combines water displacement with trapped air for rock-solid stability, even in rough water. Forget balancing worries – your team will launch and dock with confidence on a secure platform, allowing focus on technique and power.

Flexible Rubber Coupler

EZ Dock’s rubber couplings absorb wave energy, unlike competitor’s rigid connections. This protects your dock from damage in rough weather, ensuring longevity and fewer disruptions to your rowing. Invest in a dock designed to handle the elements, so you can focus on your team.

Advanced Design, Tailored Solutions: Redefining the Rowing Dock

Elevate your rowing experience with EZ Dock’s modular Low Profile dock system. Design the perfect layout to suit your team’s size and waterfront conditions. Standing just 8″ tall on land with an industry-leading 5 ½” freeboard, these 80”x120” sections use our patented rubber couplers for unmatched stability. Enjoy flexibility, wave-absorbing technology, and low-maintenance four-season accessibility.

Choose from a range of accessories like ramps, storage, and lighting to create the ultimate launch and recovery space. Integrate easily with existing waterfront infrastructure for a seamless training environment. Experience the EZ Dock difference: unmatched stability, durability, and the freedom to create a personalized rowing space that elevates your training and competitions.

What makes EZ Dock Low Profile Docks better?

Unmatched Ease of Use

Industry-leading low freeboard for effortless outrigger clearance, plus a two-stage flotation system for rock-solid stability in any water conditions.

Flexible & Durable Construction

Modular design seamlessly integrates with traditional docks, while flexible rubber couplers adapt to your needs and protect the dock from rough weather.

Low Maintenance & Year-Round Use

Durable polyethylene resists the elements, offers four-season accessibility, and requires minimal upkeep for a long lifespan.

High Capacity & Standards Compliant

1,900 lbs. capacity (30psf) ensures a safe, stable platform for large crews, meeting FISA and US Rowing standards for competitive use.

Backed by a Strong Warranty & Made in the USA

Invest confidently in your American-made rowing dock, protected by a comprehensive 10 year warranty and supporting domestic manufacturing.

Rowing and Beyond

Designed for rowing performance, the low-profile design and unmatched stability provide easy launch and recovery for kayaks, canoes, and small sailboats.

Perfect for Rowers, Ideal for More: The EZ Dock Low Profile Rowing Dock offers superior stability and easy water access. Rowers love the low freeboard, while kayakers, canoeists, and sailors appreciate the ease of launching and landing small watercraft. Available in 80″x10′ sections, configure it to your waterfront’s needs.

80″ Low Profile Rowing Dock

Dock Size: 80″ W x 10′ L x 8″ H
Frame Weight: 260

SKU: 158010
Color: Beige & Gray

EZ Dock Northeast – Rowing Dock

School / Rowing Club: EZ launching and docking for outriggers, maximizes training
Residential: Low-profile design for effortless kayak and canoe access
Municipal: Versatile dock for rowing, paddling, and community events.

See what our customers are saying.

“I love the dock. It looks nice and is comfortable, stable and virtually maintenance free. EZ Dock is just what the name implies — Easy.”


Snake Pond — Gardner, Massachusetts

“I used to have a competitors dock system and it was shaky and unstable. I thought I was going to have to live with it until you gave me the guidance to go with an EZ Dock system. I love it. I never have to worry about the water fluctuating or about removing it ever again. Thanks guys.”


Swains Lake — Barrington, New Hampshire

“I am very happy with my dock and the service FWM provided. Within 2 months of having my EZ Dock I wanted more and they were able to do that during the busiest time of year.”


South Pond | Sturbridge, MA

Dock Innovators Since 1975

For nearly 50 years, family-owned FWM Inc. has been developing and fabricating cutting-edge aluminum solutions for a range of applications. Today, we are a nationally recognized producer of modular aluminum and plastic dock solutions, and the Northeast’s premier distributor of the all-season, polyethylene EZ Dock system.

Our industry-leading Aluminum Floating Docks are easy to install, extraordinarily durable, and practically maintenance free. They feature a lightweight, modular frame design that makes it easy for you to create your own custom dock in any layout or configuration you choose. We are proud to offer our customers a full spectrum of options as we work with them to build the safe, beautiful, long-lasting dock system of their dreams.


Can I leave my EZ Dock in the water year round?

The short answer is yes. But it’s best to discuss your site with one of our dock specialists to be sure. We have been working with the EZ Dock product for over 10 years, and we have thousands of dock sections throughout the Northeast that remain in the water year-round. The product itself is safe in the ice, it is important to discuss any site-specific variables that could increase the risk of damage.

How long has EZ Dock been around?

EZ Dock has been making polyethylene docks for more than 25 years. Some of the original dock sections are located in the Northeast and still look great.

How does EZ Dock float? Is there a separate tank?

The entire dock section is a float. That is what makes the product so unique. EZ Dock uses a patented, two-stage flotation design. One, the entire dock section itself displaces water. Two, the bottom of the dock looks similar to an ice cube tray. The individual air chambers create air pockets that trap air under the dock. These individual chambers are constantly working to counteract weight on the dock’s walking surface to increase overall stability. The displacement and air chambers give EZ Dock an industry-leading flotation capacity of 62.5 lbs. per square foot.

We’ve Got You Covered

Our durable, long-lasting dock systems are designed to provide many, many years of dependable service and enjoyment with minimal maintenance. They are crafted from the highest-quality materials and components, and we proudly stand behind all of our products.

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