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Universal Accessibility

Exceeds ADA standards, enabling inclusive water sports access for all

Ease of Use

Simplified launching and docking, ideal for beginners to experts

Safety and Stability

Adapts to water levels, ensuring stable and secure boarding

Low Maintenance

Built with marine-grade materials for longevity and minimal upkeep

Universal Water Access: ADA-Compliant Launching Made Easy

Innovative Design: Revolutionizing Watercraft Launch

Discover the future of watercraft launching. Our innovative design seamlessly blends functionality with simplicity, ensuring every launch is as effortless as it is enjoyable.

Eco-Friendly Materials: Sustainability Meets Durability

Offering customizable configurations to fit any docking scenario. Whether for personal use or community access, we adapt to meet your specific waterfront needs.

Optional ADA compliant

The option to make the EZ Dock commercial kayak launch fully accessible and ADA-compliant is what sets it apart from the rest. With a multi-level transfer bench, extended grab rails security curbing, and multiple railing options it is the best ADA launch on the market.

First in the industry

EZ Dock was the innovator when it came to kayak launches. Starting with their residential kayak launch. Then they adapted their PWC port for the commercial kayak launch. EZ Dock works closely with the Travis Mills Foundation to keep innovating for more inclusive access to the water.

Design Your Universally Accessible Kayak Launch

Elevate your waterfront with the EZ Launch System, the epitome of universally accessible kayak and canoe launching solutions. Crafted with ADA compliance at its core, our system is engineered to meet the needs of every paddler, ensuring safe, easy, and inclusive access to the joy of paddling.

Our modular design invites you to create a kayak launch that perfectly aligns with your specific site requirements and user needs. From adjustable transfer benches to customizable guide rail lengths, EZ Launch® adapts to provide a seamless and dignified experience for individuals of all abilities.

Opt for EZ Launch to construct a universally accessible waterfront. Our system not only meets but exceeds ADA standards, offering an array of configurations that cater to fluctuating water levels and diverse paddler requirements. With EZ Launch®, you’re not just designing a dock; you’re crafting an inclusive gateway to water adventures for everyone.

What makes EZ Launch better?

Unmatched Accessibility

EZ Launch redefines accessibility with its ADA Transfer Bench, offering dual heights for easy wheelchair transfers and adaptable slide boards for various watercraft heights, ensuring paddlers of all abilities can independently enjoy water sports.

Enhanced Safety with Security Curbing

EZ Launch features optional security curbing, establishing a secure perimeter around dock edges. This essential safety feature significantly enhances the launching and docking experience, offering peace of mind and increased protection for wheelchair users and paddlers alike.

Modular, Adaptable Design

EZ Launch’s modular design allows for customized configurations to fit any waterfront’s unique requirements. Its flexibility accommodates fluctuating water levels and diverse user needs, making it an ideal solution for a variety of settings.

Ease of Use for All Skill Levels

Designed for simplicity, EZ Launch® incorporates guide rails and launch rollers, complemented by the stability of the ADA Transfer Bench. This combination guarantees a straightforward and secure experience for paddlers at any skill level.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Constructed from marine-grade materials, including robust security curbing, the EZ Launch system is designed for longevity. Its durable, low-maintenance construction ensures reliable performance and minimal upkeep, providing lasting value and peace of mind.

Explore our EZ Kayak Launch lineup, featuring three distinct models: one optimized for general use in diverse environments, a drive-through option for easy water entry and exit, and an ADA-compliant version, ensuring universal accessibility and inclusivity.

One Way Launch

Simplify your kayak or canoe launch with our One Way EZ-Launch. Designed for easy integration with floating docks, its aluminum rails guide you smoothly into and out of the water, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Drive Through

Our Drive Through EZ-Launch offers a seamless, straightforward passage into the water, with aluminum rails facilitating a gentle glide. Ideal for an effortless launch and return, it supports easy, bilateral docking for convenience and efficiency.

ADA Drive Through

The ADA Drive Through model enhances accessibility for all, featuring an ADA Transfer Bench system for safe, independent transitions. It empowers every paddler, ensuring a secure and smooth entry and exit process.

Unlocking New Adventures with Accessible Docks

Discover how the Travis Mills Foundation and EZ Dock are empowering injured veterans with stable, self-sufficient kayak and canoe access, opening up the exhilarating world of water activities.

Commercial: Enhance marinas and resorts with safe, inclusive kayak and canoe access.
Park and Recreation / Camps: Offers inclusive outdoor adventure, enabling kayaking and canoeing for everyone.
Municipal: Promotes community wellness with accessible water sports for all abilities.

See what our customers are saying.

“I love the dock. It looks nice and is comfortable, stable and virtually maintenance free. EZ Dock is just what the name implies — Easy.”


Snake Pond — Gardner, Massachusetts

“We did a lot of research on what docks work best in a high-traffic environment and EZ Dock kept coming up with great reviews. Once we received the dock we learned just how easy it is to work with and that the options really are endless. Since installing we have been getting great reviews and fewer first aid calls. Our last dock was big, clunky and not in the best of shape. This purchase was a big improvement for the town.”

Town of Sharon

Lake Massapoag — Sharon, Massachusetts

“I used to have a competitors dock system and it was shaky and unstable. I thought I was going to have to live with it until you gave me the guidance to go with an EZ Dock system. I love it. I never have to worry about the water fluctuating or about removing it ever again. Thanks guys.”


Swains Lake — Barrington, New Hampshire

Dock Innovators Since 1975

For nearly 50 years, family-owned FWM Inc. has been developing and fabricating cutting-edge aluminum solutions for a range of applications. Today, we are a nationally recognized producer of modular aluminum and plastic dock solutions, and the Northeast’s premier distributor of the all-season, polyethylene EZ Dock system.

Our industry-leading Aluminum Floating Docks are easy to install, extraordinarily durable, and practically maintenance free. They feature a lightweight, modular frame design that makes it easy for you to create your own custom dock in any layout or configuration you choose. We are proud to offer our customers a full spectrum of options as we work with them to build the safe, beautiful, long-lasting dock system of their dreams.


Is EZ Dock environmentally safe?

EZ Dock is made to be an environmentally friendly product that you can safely put on the water. Our dock sections do not rust, splinter, dissolve or have any paint or chemicals that can leach out and harm the environment

Is EZ Dock saltwater safe?

Yes EZ Dock is saltwater safe. We have thousands of customers around the world using EZ Dock in saltwater environments.

How long does it take to get my EZ Dock?

As one of the largest distributors in the United States, we have most items in stock year round. Delivery and installation lead times can sometimes push to 2 to 3 weeks in May and June. It is always best to get your orders in as early as possible to avoid any delays.

We’ve Got You Covered

Our durable, long-lasting dock systems are designed to provide many, many years of dependable service and enjoyment with minimal maintenance. They are crafted from the highest-quality materials and components, and we proudly stand behind all of our products.