EZ Residential Kayak Launch

Revolutionizing the way you Kayak
Floating platform adjusts to changing water levels.
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Greater Stability, For Any Ability
What’s standing between you and the open water? Inexperience? Cold weather? Remove barriers and launch with confidence anytime with our new EZ Kayak Launch. The EZ Launch system for canoes and kayaks is modular and can be configured to match any dock setup you require.
High freeboard profile on one side and low profile on the other. Easily connects to your EZ Dock system or any traditional floating dock.
Launch Extension Rail
Launch Extension Rail
Entry handrails can be added for convenience so odd or long paddle crafts can launch and port easily. Another option for launching and porting kayaks with ease is our custom wear/skid bunks.
V Shaped Entry - Easy In / Easy Out
V Shaped Entry - Easy In / Easy Out
A wider format with a V-shaped entry centers kayaks or canoes for smoother and more consistent launches.
Paddle Notches
Paddle Notches
Paddle notches make launching and docking a breeze, keeping you dry as you glide into and out of the water.
Launch Slide Bunk Pad
Launch Slide Bunk Pad
This kit helps protect the bottom of some watercraft as well as the port itself.
Wide opening for easy in and out
Fits Standard and Low Pro EZ Dock sections
Utilizes standard EZ Dock Coupler system
Fits on traditional wood or aluminum docks
No hardware necessary
V entry auto centers kayak
Horizontal ladder works with hands or oar
One piece design
EZ Kayak Launch
The Launch provides you plenty of room to access your boat. It is extremely stable underfoot, and you will feel complete security. Once you’re ready to access the water the horizontal ladder on the sides allows you to ease into the water with either your oars or hands. When your journey is complete, the self-centering “V” void in the launch guides your boat or board into the launch. Use the horizontal ladder holds with your hands or oar and you’re ready to go.
Dimensions: 168" L x 58.5" W x 25" H
Weight: 325 Lbs.
SKU: 200900
EZ Kayak Launch
Ideal for a Wide Range of Uses
Residential and recreational and much more — our top-quality dock sections are safe, sturdy and built for the long haul.
We make it easy to enhance your enjoyment of your waterfront home. Getting in and out of the water with your Kayak or Canoe has never been easier.
Home Owners
Home Owners Association
Whether your upcoming waterfront project is large or small we can provide you a maintenance-free docking solution that benefits everyone in your homeowners associations community.
We’re Here to Help
Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our versatile, durable FWM Dock systems. If you have a question that you don’t see answered here, please contact us.
Q: Do you offer removal services for EZ Dock?

We do offer removal services for EZ Dock and FWM Docks in the Northeast. Your dock specialist will be able to quote both your initial installation, as well as seasonal install and removal.

Q: How long does it take to get my EZ Dock?

As one of the largest distributors in the United States, we have most items in stock year round. Delivery and installation lead times can sometimes push to 2 to 3 weeks in May and June. It is always best to get your orders in as early as possible to avoid any delays.

Q: Is EZ Dock saltwater safe?

Yes EZ Dock is saltwater safe. We have thousands of customers around the world using EZ Dock in saltwater environments.

Built to Last a Lifetime
Our durable, long-lasting dock systems are designed to provide many, many years of dependable service and enjoyment with minimal maintenance. They are crafted from the highest-quality materials and components, and we proudly stand behind all of our products.
See what our customers are saying...

I highly recommend this company. They were very professional from the start to the installation. I love my new dock and kayak launch. Thank you to everyone that was involved with my project.

Jason P. | Sleepy Hollow Lake NY,

I love the dock. It looks nice and is comfortable, stable and virtually maintenance free. EZ Dock is just what the name implies — Easy.

Martha | Snake Pond — Gardner, Massachusetts

We did a lot of research on what docks work best in a high-traffic environment and EZ Dock kept coming up with great reviews. Once we received the dock we learned just how easy it is to work with and that the options really are endless. Since installing we have been getting great reviews and fewer first aid calls. Our last dock was big, clunky and not in the best of shape. This purchase was a big improvement for the town.

Town of Sharon | Lake Massapoag — Sharon, Massachusetts
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