best aluminum docks

Why EZ

aluminum dock systems

Why EZ

best aluminum docks

Why EZ

aluminum boat docks

Why EZ

Rugged, Versatile, Maintenance Free

The EZ Dock Modular Dock System is the most durable and versatile floating dock system available today. Environmentally friendly EZ Docks can remain in the water year-round and are perfect for a wide range of residential, commercial, governmental, industrial and recreational uses.

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EZ Dock Polyethylene Gangway to Abutment Kit w/Hinges

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EZ Port PWC Lifts

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Safe, Incredibly Stable, Environmentally Friendly

Built to absorb wave action and withstand the harshest conditions, EZ Dock can be left in the water year round in most cases. Our innovative design provides unrivaled stability and the product carries an eight-year warranty.

Innovative Features

Our state-of-the-art design makes EZ Dock systems easy to use, easy to maintain, easy on the environment, kid-friendly and safe.

Countless Applications

Our versatile, durable docks are perfect for residences, commercial and governmental uses; as well as for camps, parks, trail systems and more.

Incredibly Versatile

Our modular sections are available in standard sizes that enable you to design the exact layout for your ideal dock.

Dock Innovators Since 1975

For nearly 50 years, family-owned FWM Inc. has been developing and fabricating cutting-edge aluminum products for a range of applications. Today, we are a nationally recognized producer of modular aluminum and plastic dock solutions, and the Northeast’s premier distributor of the all-season, polyethylene EZ Dock system.

We are proud to offer our customers a full spectrum of options as we work with them to build the safe, beautiful, long-lasting dock system of their dreams.


How much does EZ Dock cost?

EZ Dock is priced very competitively with other quality floating dock products, including wood, steel, aluminum and other plastic docks. Generally speaking, floating docks will cost about one-third more than quality aluminum stationary and rolling docks.

We’ve Got You Covered

Our durable, long-lasting dock systems are designed to provide many, many years of dependable service and enjoyment with minimal maintenance. They are crafted from the highest-quality materials and components, and we proudly stand behind all of our products.

See what our customers are saying.

“I made my own dock a couple of years ago. What a mess! With the new dock we bought from you, it not only looks great but we can add to it and modify it, which is the best part. I recommend FWM Docks to everyone I know. Your docks are top notch and buying your product is the right move if you care about your waterfront, boat and family.”


Little Island Pond — Pelham, New Hampshire

“FWM Docks are great to deal with. The salesmen are very helpful in figuring out exactly what application works best in your environment. I was able to go right to the factory and pick up my dock with plenty of help and guidance. Now I have people rowing and boating up to the dock just to write down the manufacturer’s information — definitely a big hit on the lake.”


Robin Hood Lake — Becket, Massachusetts

“Great customer service and an awesome group to deal with. Already own 140 ft of their dock and I wouldn’t go with any other manufacturer”

Brandon C.

Silver Lake

1″ SCH 40 Vinyl Cap
FWM Gangway Hinge Kit to 60″ EZ Dock Section
3′ Gangway Roller
4′ Gangway Roller