Frequently Asked Questions

FWM Dock - FAQs
Q: How does delivery and installation work for FWM Docks?

We offer delivery and/or installation services in the northeastern U.S. (See services map)

Q: Can I Install a FWM Dock on my Own?

Installing your new dock system from FWM is relatively easy. It does require a bit of mechanical ability, but if you have a friend and can lift 50 lbs. it can usually be completed within a few hours. You can always reach out to your dock specialist for tips on installing your particular layout or check out our owners manual for reference.

Q: What tools are required for installation of an FWM Dock?

For a complete list of tools, check out our owners manual. Most installations can be completed with an Allen key, multi-tool, Phillips screwdriver and a 9/16” wrench.

Q: How long does it take to get my FWM Dock?

Lead times can vary based on the season. Typical lead times are 1 to 2 weeks, but we always recommend getting your deposit in ASAP so you can have your dock system exactly when you need it.

Q: Does the FWM decking get hot?

We have a list of criteria that each decking surface must meet before we think about using it on our docks. The temperature on a hot summer day is critical. All of our decking options will heat up about as much as a regular wooden dock plank.

Q: Is the FWM decking slippery when wet?

Another major area of focus on our dock systems is slip resistance. Our aluminum decking has a sanded, powder coated finish that acts as an abrasive when wet or dry. All of our other decking surfaces are made from a poly or PVC-type product. These products become less slippery than when they are dry.

Q: Do you offer removal services for my FWM Dock?

We do offer seasonal installation and removal services for both FWM Dock and EZ Dock products.

Q: How much bracing do I need for my FWM Dock?

This question is best answered by your dock specialist. Typically, we start to use cross bracing on stationary and rolling docks when the water depth hits 5’ or greater.

Q: What is FWM Docks’ impact on the environment?

All materials used on FWM Docks are considered safe for the environment.

Q: Does FWM Docks ship nationally? How does the process work?

FWM works with multiple shipping companies and brokers to provide you with the lowest possible freight charges. Some customers have access to a loading dock where we can ship everything on one skid. Others require a residential delivery with a two-man lift gate dropoff. Our FWM Docks are located all over the country and we have developed creative, cost-effective ways to make every dropoff seamless for you.

Q: How long has FWM been in business?

FWM has been in business since 1975.

Q: How do I order replacement parts for my FWM Dock?

Check out our online store. Most of our most common parts and accessories are for sale here. Can’t find what you are looking for? Just give us a call at 603-578-9699.

Q: Is FWM Dock really maintenance free?

Aside from the seasonal installation of your dock, yes it really is maintenance free. From the stainless-steel hardware to the pole caps, none of the components of our docks are going to break down or not look good over time.


Q: How do I clean my FWM Dock?

Most FWM docks do not require much cleaning. A mild soap, water and brush will clean up the decking as needed. If you want to shine up the aluminum or posts, you can use a mildly abrasive Scotch-Brite pad.

Q: How much does a new FWM Dock cost?

A typical small 20’ residential dock system usually starts at around $2,500. The price varies based on square footage and dock style. Floating docks tend to cost a little bit more due to the additional material used and more rugged anchoring. We benchmark our pricing with other competitive brands throughout the country. If you find that the free quote your dock specialist provided to you is way too high (or too low) something could be amiss, and it typically means we are not comparing apples to apples. All factors considered, you will not find a better value than FWM.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks. Commercial accounts may be extended credit with proper references and paperwork.

Q: Do you finance?

We offer several forms of financing. Residential lending is done through Synchrony Financial while commercial leasing is done through Marlin Financial.

Q: Can I buy just the FWM frame and install my own decking?

This is a question that we get asked a couple of times a year. Unfortunately, the answer is no. FWM Docks must leave our factory with an approved decking product only. This is because we need to ensure that — if our name is on the dock — it’s going to be 100% maintenance free and it will still look great for 10 years and beyond.

Q: Are FWM Docks saltwater safe?

FWM Docks are saltwater safe. Over time, aluminum will naturally oxidize. This actually provides our dock frames with a layer of oxidation protecting them from the saltwater.

EZ Dock - FAQs
Q: How long does it take to get my EZ Dock?

As one of the largest distributors in the United States, we have most items in stock year round. Delivery and installation lead times can sometimes push to 2 to 3 weeks in May and June. It is always best to get your orders in as early as possible to avoid any delays.

Q: Can I install the EZ dock on my own?

Absolutely. EZ Dock is a DIY friendly product and requires just a few hand tools and a little mechanical ability. It’s recommended that you buy an in-water installation tool and that you have a friend to team up with. Our dock specialists are great at walking customers through the installation process. We also have install crews available if you choose to go that route.

Q: Do I need to get in the water?

Most installations will not require you to be in the water. You will need to purchase the in-water installation tool for installation of the couplers.

Q: How does pickup, delivery and/or installation work?

You have three options. You can pick up your new dock at our Hudson, NH, location. You can contract with our company for just the delivery of your new dock, or for both delivery and installation. We also offer seasonal winterization and spring install services.

Q: What is inside the EZ Dock sections?

Believe it or not, there is nothing inside the EZ Dock sections, just air. It is a sealed chamber with a hydrophobic vent on the width end that allows for hot and cold air to travel between the inside and outside.

Q: How does EZ Dock float? Is there a separate tank?

The entire dock section is a float. That is what makes the product so unique. EZ Dock uses a patented, two-stage flotation design. One, the entire dock section itself displaces water. Two, the bottom of the dock looks similar to an ice cube tray. The individual air chambers create air pockets that trap air under the dock. These individual chambers are constantly working to counteract weight on the dock’s walking surface to increase overall stability. The displacement and air chambers give EZ Dock an industry-leading flotation capacity of 62.5 lbs. per square foot.

Q: How stable is EZ Dock?

Our patented design (described above) results in the most stable dock on the market.

Q: Can I leave my EZ Dock in the water year round?

The short answer is yes. But it’s best to discuss your site with one of our dock specialists to be sure. We have been working with the EZ Dock product for over 10 years, and we have thousands of dock sections throughout the Northeast that remain in the water year-round. The product itself is safe in the ice, it is important to discuss any site-specific variables that could increase the risk of damage.

Q: How do the sections connect to one another?

Another key to the EZ Dock system is the patented rubber coupler. The coupler allows the dock sections to connect to one another tightly. This means that on a calm day the dock feels like one giant piece with very little movement between the sections. In the event of wave action, the dock sections will flex and move with the water (see video). The rubber coupler is used not just in between dock sections, many of the anchoring brackets also use the rubber coupler. This allows for optimal absorption of wave energy, safeguarding not only the dock but also your piling or other anchoring device.

Q: Do you offer removal services for EZ Dock?

We do offer removal services for EZ Dock and FWM Docks in the Northeast. Your dock specialist will be able to quote both your initial installation, as well as seasonal install and removal.

Q: What is freeboard of the EZ Dock system?

Freeboard is the how high the walking surface is above the water. The standard EZ Dock sections have a freeboard of 13” while the low-profile dock sections have a freeboard of 5.5”. Both dock sections sit in the water about only 2”.

Q: Is EZ Dock environmentally safe?

EZ Dock is made to be an environmentally friendly product that you can safely put on the water. Our dock sections do not rust, splinter, dissolve or have any paint or chemicals that can leach out and harm the environment.

Q: What about ultraviolet exposure to the sun?

EZ Dock uses UV-8 inhibitor in all of its products, the highest level of protection. We also produce an extremely thick product (3/8” average thickness with a 1,950 psi puncture strength).

Q: How long has EZ Dock been around?

EZ Dock has been making polyethylene docks for more than 25 years. Some of the original dock sections are located in the Northeast and still look great.

Q: How do I order replacement parts?

You can call our parts department directly or visit our online store.

Q: Can I add on to my EZ dock?

EZ Dock is designed to grow with you and your family. We have some customers who add a section or two every year. You can also customize your dock with our wide selection of accessories.

Q: Is EZ Dock really maintenance free?

Yes, EZ Dock is maintenance free. (In most areas, EZ Dock can be left in the water year round; consult your dock specialist to determine if winterization or winter removal is needed.)

Q: How does EZ Dock handle marine growth?

Unfortunately, like all dock brands, EZ Dock is susceptible to marine growth. That said, there aren’t too many docks on the market that have the level of flotation capacity provided by EZ Dock (62.5 lbs. per square foot). This means that if you are leaving your dock in year round it would take a tremendous amount of growth to affect the performance of your dock. If you take your dock out seasonally, we recommend flipping the dock over and letting the growth die. Once dead, the marine growth should easily come off the low-density polyethylene EZ Dock material.

Q: How do I clean my EZ Dock?

For a quick-fix cleaning solution, use a brush, a mild cleaning, agent and a little H2O. Scrub down your dock and you are ready to go. For those stubborn stains, a diluted bleach solution should do the trick. (Note: It is normal to see algae on the waterline of your EZ Dock.)

Q: How much does EZ Dock cost?

EZ Dock is priced very competitively with other quality floating dock products, including wood, steel, aluminum and other plastic docks. Generally speaking, floating docks will cost about one-third more than quality aluminum stationary and rolling docks.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks. Commercial accounts may be extended credit with proper references and paperwork.

Q: Do you finance?

We offer several forms of financing. Residential lending is done through Synchrony Financial while commercial leasing is done through Marlin Financial.

Q: I would like to purchase a dock, but I don’t need it right away. Can I order it for a scheduled date?

Yes, in fact we encourage it. Everyone wants their dock at the exact same time. We do our best to ensure a quick turnaround. But if you know you want your new system on a certain date, placing a deposit on your dock order is always smart.