FWM Rolling Docks

Lightweight Aluminum
Rugged polyethylene wheels for increased portability.
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Superior Construction, Modular Design
The portability offered by our rugged 25” polyethylene wheels makes it incredibly easy to roll your dock into and out of the water. The FWM Rolling Dock is ideal for smooth shorelines that are free of large rocks or obstacles.
Dock Wheels
Dock Wheels
Our 25” heavy duty polyethylene wheels are designed with a wide stance for improved rolling function and stability. The dock wheel can be positioned on the outside or inside of your dock frame.
Frame Track System
Frame Track System
Put your drill away! All of our accessories are designed to conveniently slide into a retention track that’s available on the sides and bottom of your aluminum dock frame. It’s never been easier to install or move a cleat, ladder or bumper.
The portability offered by our rugged 25” polyethylene wheels makes it incredibly easy to roll your dock into and out of the water. The FWM Rolling Dock is ideal for smooth shorelines that are free of large rocks or obstacles.
Low Maintenance
All FWM Dock frames and accessories are maintenance free and use marine grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware. The weight-sensitive design makes it a perfect choice for seasonal installation and removal.
Superior Materials & Construction
FWM Docks are designed for people who demand excellence and a lifetime of use from their docks. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t use galvanized steel or wood. Why? Because it’s simply too heavy and won’t stand up to yearly wear and tear like our 6000 series aluminum. Never again will you have to worry about your dock splintering or rusting.
Each of the three FWM Dock styles (Stationary, Rolling and Floating) have been engineered with an emphasis on stability. Our uniquely engineered cross-bracing technology allows for easy installation with maximum stability, even under stress.
Connecting Hardware
Our standard splice kits and 90-degree splice kits are used to connect one dock section to another. With these kits you will never need to reach underneath the dock to blindly try and fasten your dock together. We use nylon-coated 316 stainless steel hardware and heavy machined aluminum plates to fasten dock sections together safely and securely.
Modular Design
Each of FWM Docks’ frames (4'x8', 4’ x 10’, 4’ x 12’, 6’ x 10’) are designed to be 100% modular. Like a giant adult Lego set, you can assemble your dock in any layout or configuration. You can also easily change the style of your dock from your initial purchase into any of our three styles: stationary, rolling or floating. A unique track system allows you to easily install and adjust the placement of any of our accessories.
Attractive Look & Feel
The sleek, clean and flush look of the FWM Dock aluminum frame has been known to turn the heads of even old-time wooden dock purists. With three decking options and multiple colors, we’re sure to have a decking surface that will appeal to you. You can even add a piece of composite fascia board to the sides of your dock frame, creating the look of a wooden dock while enjoying the maintenance-free qualities of aluminum.
Easy-to-Use Decking Panels
Regardless of the decking product you choose, each aluminum dock frame comes with pre-panelized decking that’s easy to install and remove. This makes getting your dock in and out of the water during installation and removal a breeze by drastically reducing the overall weight of each dock section.
We Have the Right Size for You
Aluminum FWM Rolling Docks come in a wide range of standard sizes and are designed to be 100% modular, making it easy for you to configure the exact dock layout you need. FWM Docks frames are designed to be 100% modular. Like a giant adult Lego set, you can put your dock together in any layout or configuration. Our standard sizes are 4’x8′, 4’x10’, 4’x12’,and 6’x10’.
Dock Frame
Dimensions: 4' x 8'
Weight: 72 lbs.
Dock Frame
Dimensions: 4' x 10'
Weight: 89 lbs.
Dock Frame
Dimensions: 4' x 12'
Weight: 98 lbs.
Dock Frame
Dimensions: 6' x 10'
Weight: 118 lbs.
Corner Gusset
Weight: 29 lbs.
Decking Options
At FWM Docks, we spend a tremendous amount of time testing and analyzing decking products. Our select decking options have been tested by the FWM engineers to give you a range of options for the perfect solution on your waterfront. Our decking products come pre-panelized to allow for easy removal and installation. Each decking panel fits right into your dock frame, providing a clean, flush appearance.
ThruFlow Decking ($)
ThruFlow Decking ($)
This unique non-slip polymer panel allows water, debris and sunlight to pass through small holes in your walking surface. The 360° non-slip surface not only prevents you and your guests from slips and falls, but also minimizes the damaging effects of waves and wind. Available in cedar or gray.
Azek Harvest Collection ($$)
Azek Harvest Collection ($$)
The Azek Harvest will enhance the beauty of your new FWM Dock system. This nature-inspired collection offers a traditional cathedral wood grain pattern and is made of capped polymer material. It is engineered to resist moisture damage and is perfect for use on docks. The harvest collection offers up to 40% better slip resistance than many competitive composite products and stays Up to 30 degrees cooler than many competitive composite products. Available in Slate Gray & Brownstone.
Azek Landmark Collection ($$$)
Azek Landmark Collection ($$$)
The all-new Azek Landmark Collection is inspired by the in-demand look of weathered, reclaimed wood. It offers a cathedral wood grain pattern with a unique cross-cut texture and matte finish. Each color boasts a color variation of light to dark running the board's length and is blended with sophisticated highlights and lowlights to create a dramatic, cascading color effect. The landmark collection is a capped polymer board with superior resistance to moisture, tremendous slip resistance, and a great temperature profile. Available in Castlegate (Gray) & American Walnut (Brown)
Aluminum Decking
Aluminum Decking
Our customized, natural aluminum finish decking is designed with a non-slip surface pattern and a heat sync bottom. The unique design draws heat away from the walking surface and down toward the water, keeping your dock comfortably cool even on the hottest summer days. Also available in gray or brown finish.
Ideal for a Wide Range of Uses
Our aluminum rolling dock systems are designed for a wide range of uses, including residences, parks and recreation, homeowner associations and more. FWM Docks’ state-of-the-art modular frame design provides an endless number of dock system configurations to meet all of your waterfront needs.
Wouldn’t it be great to have the best dock on your lake? With so many options available in the residential aluminum dock market it’s easy to get overwhelmed. At FWM we make things simple. We provide our residential customers with low-maintenance docks that are both hassle free and built to our high-quality standards.
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Camps & Recreation
Camps/Parks & Recreation
We offer wheeled rolling aluminum dock systems that are perfect for camps, parks and recreation projects. With our standard dock system, you can easily create cost-effective swimming areas, boat launches, kayak launches, etc. You can even change the dock sections around in a matter of minutes to create a new layout for a special event.
Home Owners
Homeowners Association
Over the years we’ve gained experience creating dock systems especially for homeowners associations. Whether your upcoming waterfront project is large or small we can provide you a maintenance-free docking solution that benefits everyone in your community.
Sample Configurations
Easy to Assemble in All Shapes & Sizes
Our modular FWM Docks sections make it easy for you to configure the exact dock layout that works best for your project.
4x24 w- 6x10 T 4x4 ramp.1767
4x30 L 4x4 ramp
4x36 w- 6x10 L
4x36 w- 24' 6x10 T
4x48 w- 4x4 ramp.1759
6x30 w- trans.1769
22 ft w- ramp
24 ft ramp
We’re Here to Help
Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our versatile, durable FWM Dock systems. If you have a question that you don’t see answered here, please contact us.
Q: Are FWM Docks saltwater safe?

FWM Docks are saltwater safe. Over time, aluminum will naturally oxidize. This actually provides our dock frames with a layer of oxidation protecting them from the saltwater.

Q: Does the FWM decking get hot?

We have a list of criteria that each decking surface must meet before we think about using it on our docks. The temperature on a hot summer day is critical. All of our decking options will heat up about as much as a regular wooden dock plank.

Q: How do the sections connect to one another?

Another key to the EZ Dock system is the patented rubber coupler. The coupler allows the dock sections to connect to one another tightly. This means that on a calm day the dock feels like one giant piece with very little movement between the sections. In the event of wave action, the dock sections will flex and move with the water (see video). The rubber coupler is used not just in between dock sections, many of the anchoring brackets also use the rubber coupler. This allows for optimal absorption of wave energy, safeguarding not only the dock but also your piling or other anchoring device.

We’ve Got You Covered
Our durable, long-lasting dock systems are designed to provide many, many years of dependable service and enjoyment with minimal maintenance. They are crafted from the highest-quality materials and components, and we proudly stand behind all of our products.
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Previously we owned a very heavy, hard-to-install wooden dock. The new dock we got from FWM is on wheels and it really couldn’t be easier to install and remove each season. The construction is very sturdy and the way the sections connect to one another is far superior to others I have seen on the lake.

Peter | Lake Winnipesaukee — Moltonborough, New Hampshire