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5 Reasons Why Aluminum Docks Are A Great Solution for Homeowners

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If you live on waterfront property, a new dock is a must if you want to fully take advantage of your shoreline. But not just any dock will do. There is a multitude of different options and materials to choose from.

Why aluminum docks might be the best solution for waterfront homeowners? These five reasons are just the beginning.

1: Strong, Durable & Light Weight

Aluminum is a strong, resilient material that isn’t easily damaged. It is much more durable than wood and will never splinter or crack.  Aluminum is also very light in weight. Making seasonal installations and removals significantly easier than competitive materials.

2: Versatile

Aluminum works well in all types of water, including saltwater, brackish, and freshwater. This makes it a great solution for all waterfront homes. Competitive materials, even some of the most commonly used do not hold up well over time.

3: Naturally Oxidizes

Aluminum naturally oxidizes in fresh and salt water. What this means, essentially, is that overtime the metal frame will naturally gain a protective layer that stops the salt (and other minerals) from breaking it down.

This creates a safer product that will last you longer and give a higher return on investment (ROI) than other products.

4: Look & Feel

Aluminum docks look great year in and year out. Traditional dock systems will begin will breakdown over time. Splinters, exposed screws, and galvanized hardware create the need for a lot of seasonal maintenance and a high cost of ownership and frustration.

5: Customization & Decking

Aluminum docks are easily customizable. One of the most important customizations you can make is decking. You’ll want to make sure you choose a quality non-slip decking surface that is designed to be used in a marine environment. Some surfaces become very slick when wet, which poses a significant slipping hazard.

There are more benefits to choosing aluminum docks, but these five are some of the best. Aluminum docks, such as those available from FWM Docks, are also 100% customizable, easy to install, and can be shipped anywhere in the nation.

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