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Boat Dock Accessories Every EZ Dock Owner Needs

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If you want to get the most out of your EZ Dock, you need to have the right accessories. These little gizmos and gadgets can make your life easier while out on the water – and, in some cases, protect your initial dock investment, too.

So which accessories do you really need? Check out our list of EZ Dock accessories that every boater needs to get the most out of their time on the water.

1: EZ Dock Pocket Filler Light

This small little plastic piece helps fill in the pockets on the sides of your EZ Docks. These pockets are normally where other modular EZ Dock pieces would fit. When they’re filled in, your dock looks a lot cleaner and more professional. (900013)

2: EZ Dock 8” Nylon Tie-Up Cleat

This nylon tie-up cleat gives you a place to anchor your boat safely and securely, personal motorized watercraft, canoe, kayak, or whatever else you may need to dock. (300100)

3: EZ Dock Ladder

If you plan on swimming around your dock, this ladder is a must. It can be installed anywhere along the perimeter of your EZ Dock system. One-piece polyethylene ladder is designed for maximum safety with no exposed hardware and 400 pounds of weight capacity. Slip-resistant textured surface stays cool in hot weather. (300260)

4: EZ Dock Bumper Kit

This bumper kit creates a safe area for your boat or other watercraft to safely dock without scuffing or scraping either the dock or the boat. When a boat coasts into port, it continues to float and will always bump into the dock. This is a better option than allowing it to bump against the side of your dock unprotected. (300180)

5: Heavy Duty 10” Aluminum Cleat

If you need a stronger, more durable cleat than the nylon option, you can choose this aluminum cleat. It is the better option for anchoring at an aluminum floating dock. (300110)

6: Poly Bench Kit

Sit back, relax and take in the sunset with the EZ Dock Poly Bench Kit. The kit includes armrests complete with cup holders. (300970AL)

7: Kayak and Canoe Dock Roller

Plan to use a kayak or canoe from your dock? Then you absolutely must have this dock roller. It is specially designed to take the hassle out of loading and unloading a kayak or canoe from the water. Without this roller, you have to ease the canoe in after carrying it all the way down the dock. With this roller, you can simply glide the canoe or kayak into the water using these rollers. (900022)

8: Solar Post Light

These solar dock lights are affordable, safe lighting options for your dock at night. There is no need to run wires or cables since they are powered by the sun. They are crafted to be safe around the water and provide an adequate amount of light. It is recommended to use multiples of these for the best lighting option. (900014)

These accessories will help you get the most out of your boat dock. Some of them help to protect your initial dock investment, so it’s kept in perfect condition for years to come.

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