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Want to Park Your Jet Ski in Style this Summer? Try our EZ Port PWC Lifts!

All EZ Dock EZ Port

Personal watercrafts of all shapes and sizes can give hours of fun during the warmer months. The hassle of loading and unloading them, however, can be a deterrent from constant use. You also certainly don’t want to simply leave your jet ski or other personal watercraft in the water all summer.

The good news is that there is an affordable, easy option which will solve all these issues (and more) for you –our EZ Port PWC Lifts!

Why choose an EZ Port PWC Lift?

There are few docking options available for personal watercraft, and they can be a pain to load or unload from the water. But an EZ Port PWC Lift has solved that issue by creating a docking and launching option specifically crafted just for personal watercraft like jet skis.

There are two different systems available, which offer varying levels of rollers and convenience. Both systems, however, are created out of durable, high-quality polyethylene and come with an eight-year warranty. Both are easy to install, and totally maintenance free.

Protects Your Investment

A personal watercraft does not come cheap, and you want to take care of it as well as possible. These PWC lifts help do that by keeping your personal watercraft out of the water. This avoids the worst damage caused by wind, waves. changing water levels, and potential floating debris.


The EZ Port PWC Lift is super convenient. The port itself moves with changing water levels, so it works well at any water depth. On either side of the rollers is foot space. There is also foot space along the front of the port lift. This is not only convenient for mounting and dismounting your personal watercraft, but also provides an extra layer of safety.

There are also three different possible anchor options to conveniently suit anyone’s situation. In addition to attaching to your new EZ Dock System, these port lifts can also connect to an existing floating dock. Or, they can be anchored into the ground using a galvanized pipe and auger system.

Two Different Models

There are two different models of EZ Port PWC Lifts. They include:

EZ Port Max 2i – This model can handle any personal watercraft currently out on the market, including the largest and most advanced. It is a self-centering model featuring a split-entry system. The single-piece design has self-adjusting rollers for effortless loading unloading. There are also hand-holds and tie off points for easier handling.

EZ Port Max – This model is perfect for smaller watercraft but may not work for larger or more advanced personal watercraft models. This port, in fact, is an advanced decedent of the original EZ Port 1, which was introduced to the market 25 years ago. There are six self-adjusting hull rollers and two keel rollers.

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