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Should I buy a lake house?

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Benefits of Owning a Lake House

A second home is a big investment, one that requires careful consideration. You need to decide what you wish to gain both personally and financially. Let’s take a look at one of the most attractive second home options: the lake house.

Family Time

A lake house is an ideal vacation destination for families. Hectic day-to-day lives can leave people feeling adrift in their world, and a weekend away can strengthen family bonds.

Families that routinely spend time together at a lake house also build powerful shared memories. Adult children are likely to want to continue to visit and eventually bring their children.

Extended families gather at lake houses for reunions, birthdays, and other occasions as well as just to enjoy some family time in a beautiful place. Buying a lake house is the first step in creating a lifetime of memories with children and grandchildren.

Ultimate Heirloom

One argument that can reasonably be made against any second home is upkeep. Do you want to be taking care of two homes for the rest of your life? Obviously, you do not. Nor should you.

A lake house may be the most priceless family heirloom you can own. As you get older you can pass some of the responsibilities of the property to your children or heirs. With responsibility comes pride in ownership and they will come to treasure the property as part of your family legacy.

Serenity Now

The most important benefit of a lake house is the particular serenity that comes with living near the water. It isn’t like the beach, with crashing waves and rolling surf. It’s far more peaceful.

A lake house is a place to get away from the noise of your regular day-to-day life and feel calm in a way that you simply can’t when your computer is staring at you or your phone chimes every 15 minutes.

When you’re at the lake people expect you to unplug. You can turn off your phone, leave your computer in its bag, and enjoy some hard-earned serenity.

Hobbies Galore

Lake houses lend themselves beautifully to a large number of recreational activities. Boating, fishing, hiking, swimming—the choices are as endless as your imagination. When you choose your lake house you can make sure that it supports your favorites.

If you love to water ski you aren’t going to be happy on a small, quiet lake. If you love to fish you won’t want a lake house on a busy waterway. You know what you love to do, and a lake house is your chance to make those things a priority.

Nurturing Nature

No matter where you find your lake house, it’s going to be in a natural setting. That is simply the nature of the beast (pun entirely intended). Lakes are abundant in many parts of the country, many of them surrounded by forests.

You’ll have the opportunity to experience the natural world around your lake house in a different way than other places. You’ll come to know the natural rhythms of your lake and look forward to the signs of each season.

Year-Round Destination

Your lake house offers relaxation and recreation all year long. Many people think of a lake house as a summer home, but there is great appeal to spending time at the lake in the fall and winter.

The fall brings beautiful foliage and possibly local fruit markets. Winter brings cross country skiing, ice skating, reading by the fire, and the unmatched quiet of snow falling on a frozen lake.

Rest and Relaxation

In much the same way that a lake house offers a serene environment, it offers a place where you can fully relax. It is your home, but without the demands you feel in your primary residence. For the time you are there, you can let those tensions melt away.

It can be difficult to relax on a traditional “vacation”, with travel and hotels and restaurants. A lake house gives you the chance to both get away and feel completely at home.

Invest and Enjoy

Like any real estate, a lake house is an investment, one that is likely to build considerable equity over time. Whether you purchase a rustic cabin or a luxury villa, a house on the water is a valuable commodity. Well maintained, a lake house will not stay on the market long if you decide to sell.

Rent Your Serenity

You can’t be at your lake house every weekend or all summer. If that feels like wasted potential to you, consider renting out the house when you aren’t going to be there.

This type of property does feel a little different, and it doesn’t have the benefit of being available to you whenever you want to get away. There is also a different set of responsibilities, to both your guests and any neighbors.

But those are details for later; right now you’re deciding what kind of second home you want. If you want a property that’s going to be easy to rent when you aren’t there, a lake house is an excellent choice. For all of the reasons you love spending time at the lake, people are eager to rent a well-maintained property for a getaway of their own.

Grandchildren in Paradise

If you have children, at some point you just may have grandchildren. Maybe you have them already. One of the most special gifts you can give them is time, and time at the lake is precious.

It’s a place to share your hobbies, hear their stories and share your own, and a place where spending time with your grandchildren doesn’t feel like babysitting. Time at a lake house allows you to build a different kind of relationship with your children and grandchildren, one that doesn’t revolve around school or schedules.

When it comes down to it, this is the biggest thing you will get from a lake house—years of experiences shared with the people you cherish in a setting you love.

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