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5 Reasons Why Homeowners Love Their Floating Docks

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When it comes time to build a dock for your waterfront home, there are a lot of different options to choose from. In addition to choosing the right materials and size, homeowners need to think about whether they want a stationary dock, rolling or a floating dock.

While each dock style comes with their own unique set of pros and cons, floating docks are a modern family favorite. Why? Read on to find out just five reasons why homeowners love their floating docks.

Reason #1: Diversity

Floating docks come in a wide range of options that homeowners can choose from. They are great for any water level (including tidal locations) and may be utilized in both salt or fresh water.

Reason #2: Convenience

Floating docks are incredibly convenient. Many of them can be installed by homeowners themselves in a DIY fashion, with minimal skills and a few tools. Plus, going back to the fact that they are great for any water level or type is also convenient, in that it takes a lot of hassle and guesswork out of choosing the right dock.

Reason #3: Customization

Certain floating docks (like those from FWM Docks & EZ Dock) can be installed in a puzzle-like fashion to form any kind of dock you’d like. With a mixture of sizes, lengths, straight pieces, and corner joints, homeowners can customize their dock any way they like. This includes adding extra docking sections for those who have more than one boat or personal watercraft.

Reason #4: Installation

Once you get your dock sections to the water’s edge floating docks are typically easier to install. All you have to do is connect the dock sections to one another and set up the anchoring. The water is a blank canvas and you won’t have to worry about overall water depths or how high your dock is set up above the water.

Reason #5: Gets You Out on The Water

The best thing about any dock is that it gets you out on the water. Docks can be viewed as almost a type of portal connecting life on land with life on the water – and that’s the reason people purchase waterfront properties, to begin with.

Knowing the five reasons why homeowners love their floating docks can help those exploring their dock options to make a better, more informed decision. Always remember to do your research before contracting or taking on a DIY home dock project.

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