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7 Dock Accessories That Will Make Life More Comfortable

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You have the waterfront home of your dreams. You’ve built the dock that will allow you to access the water and all the fun adventure that awaits you. But have you created a dock that will be the most comfortable? If you’re looking to make your life on the water more comfortable, the following accessories are absolute must-haves.

1: EZ Dock Solar Pocket Light

This neat accessory serves two distinct purposes. First, it lights up your dock at night so you can safely enjoy the water when it isn’t too hot or too buggy. Second, it fills in the pockets that connect different sections of EZ dock systems together for more visual appeal.

2: 5 Step Poly Ladder

If you plan on swimming anywhere near your dock, the 5 step poly ladder is a must. It will not only make entering the water more comfortable but also safer. Remember to never swim near the dock when watercraft are entering or docking.

3: FWM Bench Kit

Nothing will make sitting by the water and enjoying the view more comfortable than the FWM Bench Kit. Since it is attached to the dock itself, it is a safer option than other possible seats because there is no risk of it being washed into the water. There is also a bench kit option that comes with arms, for added comfort and safety.

4: Boarding Post

This boarding post will make getting in and out of your personal water crafts much more comfortable – and yes, yet again, much safer.

5: 6’ Boarding Step/Water Bench

This useful accessory serves two different purposes. First, it works as a boarding step that allows for safer and more comfortable entry and exit into personal water craft that may sit low on the water. It works best with a boarding post but can be useful on it’s own. It also doubles as a water bench – perfect for sitting on safely while dangling your feet into the water.

6: Aluminum Railings for FWM Dock

These aluminum railings connect to any aluminum FWM dock system to make walking down the dock more comfortable – especially when the dock may be moving. Yes, once again the more comfortable option is the safer one.

7: EZ Dock Corner Box with Integrated Corner Gusset

You can stop carrying your basic necessities to and from the house with these EZ Dock Corner Box. It allows you to safely store items like life jackets, towels, or anything else you may need for a significantly more comfortable experience. It is secured with a lock, so you know that your items are safe and attaches to any corner of your EZ Dock system. There are other options available that are made to attach on other parts of your dock if preferred.

The above accessories can help make your life on the water more comfortable. You’ve worked hard to get a waterfront property, and you deserve to enjoy it in the best way possible.

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